For Indoor Use Only.

All Catpods™ products are made of industrial strength corrugated cardboard, and will stand up to normal feline wear and tear. Catpods are meant to be well loved and well scratched!

Catpods Love = 1/2 Catpods + 1/2 Love

To keep your Catpods furniture looking its best, regularly clean with a broom or vacuum to remove hair and debris. You may want to do this outside, if possible. When cleaning, remember to keep the cardboard dry.

Hairballs happen. Pick it up as quickly and as well as possible. Let the rest dry. It is not recommended that you use any chemical based cleaning products on the Catpods as they can be toxic to your kitty.

Should minor damage occur, it can often be repaired using non-toxic water-soluble glue (like white glue) and some applied pressure.