Photo courtesy of Rachel S.

"I came across your product while searching for a solution to my cats' need to scratch on my couch and the back of my computer chair. I'd tried vertical scratching posts made of various materials and cardboard ramps; but one cat in particular (Skittles) just didn't take to them. He loved straddling the arm of the couch or the back of our computer chair and would scratch away. Nothing I did to discourage this behavior and encourage the use of the other items ever seemed to work.

I came across a lot of products that were in a wave shape and even some that had a rounded top, but none of them were the right shape or size for him to be able to "straddle" it. And then the heavens opened, light shone down, angels sang, and I found a link to a product called a Kitty Speed Bump. Hallelujah! It looked great: the right shape, the right size, durable material....

And.... IT WORKS!!! He LOVES it (to put it mildly)! Hooray! Thank you so much for this absolutely, wonderfully, PURR-fectly made Kitty Speed Bump! He scratches on it, plays on it, and sleeps on it. It's terrific! A Huge Fan!

PS: My other two kitties (Sunny and Sweet Tart) also love the Speed Bump and it has also become their preferred scratcher. They used to love the cardboard ramp. I am not sad to see that thing go, along with all of it's tiny little pieces of cardboard that used to cover my carpet."

— Rachel S.

"Just wanted to let you know that our kids continue to love your tunnel. One of the best cat purchases I ever made!"
— Retagene H.

"These things appear to be indestructible! My gang tears up all scratchers and climbers, but not cat pod items. They did hurl on them, but it cleaned up nicely."
— Cherie H.

"One cat in particular loves to sit in this and zoom in and out. Well made and sturdy!"
— Jackie R.

"fantastic! super high- quality, which you might think is a funny thing to say about a cardboard cat scratcher? but believe me, those mass- produced cardboard scratchers just shred under determined cat toes, and the cardboard bits go EVERYWHERE. not the case with this fine example of the cardboard-cat-toy art. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
— Martha T.

"LOL my cats were going nuts before i even opened the bag thank you!"
— Kristopher N.

“The cats loved them, what fun! Thanks!”
— Laura C.

“My cat loves this! I thought she'd shred it to pieces in a week but it has been a month and it is still holding strong. She scratches on it several times a day and I can tell it will last a long time. Very well made. Thank you! :D”
— Yvette B.

"Thanks so much for the great communication and super products! My cousin highly recommended your Catpods to my son. They just arrived today. Minutes later, even without catnip, my son's rescue crawled right in!"
— Kellylee A.

"Catpod is sturdy and well made. Great design to use during play sessions and my cat has hopped on top for scratching. The Kitty Pucks are a big hit and are getting a lot of use. Great seller communication and customer service."
— Pam R.

"I have 4 cats and they love chasing through the catpod, relaxing, scratching, and wacking each other through the little holes. It is sturdy, came on time as expected, and worth the bucks."
— Meredyth N.

"My cats are in seventh heaven. They love to toss them [Kitty Pucks] and carry them around. Love to hide them. A must for cats that love to carry and chew."
— Jean S.

"These are so catterrific!!! I have a picky bunch of cat critters at my home and most toys, treats, cat nip products just do "nothing" for the little beasts. I gave them a few of the pucks and they all lost their kittie minds! It is such great fun watching them bat them around, chase, attach and roll all over them! Paws up to your fantastic pucks!!!!"
— Carmen C.

"I don't know what kind of catnip you use but for the first time ever, my cat is rolling around the floor in sheer joy. He's never, ever liked catnip before. While I was trying to cut open the bag of pucks to give him one, he swatted the whole bag out of my hands, he was so anxious. As much as he loves these, I will definitely be buying more!"
— Jill M.

"My cats love it, they scratch and hide in it...great fun!"
— Kathleen P.

— Danielle P.

"My big tabby cat started playing with the puck as soon as I took it out of the bag. It was a success. An inexpensive toy that can be replaced easily by just going back to Green Cat Industries. Love all the other products in the shop as well. Take a look!"
— Ellen N.

"Trigg, 'Oh my gawd, I love my Catpods! Where has this corrugated cat tunnel been all my life?' Thanks to for sending!"
— Jenny Dean,

"This is a great cat product! I bought it for my boyfriend's cats for Christmas and they love it. Thanks!"
— Kristin S.

"My cats LOVE these! They get inside the house and poke their paws thru the holes! So funny! Thanks for making such a wonderful eco-friendly toy."
— Tobi S.

"This item was a Christmas gift for a couple who was getting ready to adopt two kitties. So far the kitties love it! Thank you so much for the quick shipping to help me gift this on time :)”
— Laura F.

"My cat loved her Kitty Pucks she got for Christmas. Thank you for the nice product.”
— Jen S.

"My cats love this! Great product :)"
— Jeanette S

"My cat loves his kitty pucks. I couldn't get the package open fast enough for him! Great product!"
— Danielle B.

"The cats love the cat pod & pucks. Great quality items."
— Marsha C.

"cats are very pleased with my offering - 2 paws up :)"
— Becki O.

"Very cool, and the cat really likes them!"
— Kathy D.

"Awesome, my cat loves them. Thanks!!"
— Hilary P.

"Love this scratcher. My cats love it. I tried to put it aside for Christmas but couldn't keep the cats off!!!"
— Donna E.

"Fast shipping & awesome product! The cats actually like it more than the box it came in!"
— Jamie S.

"My kitties love these catpods. They knock then around like a hockey puck."
— Donna E.

"These are terrific! The cats are going to love them Christmas morning! Thanks so much."
— Heather H.

"Great idea, my cats love them!"
— Anne H.

"My kitty loves the speed bump. One of her favorites. Thank you."
— Janice S.

"Fantastic product and seller!!! I have one very happy kitty-thanks for the excellent communication and product."
— Carrie

"I just had to take a moment to let you know that the catpod, speed bumps and pucks arrived today and were an instant hit. Jasper went wild sharpening his claws. Jasper Cali and Marmalady explored the catpod and have been playing all around it since it arrived. They LOVE it!!"
— Laura L.

"My cat uses this every morning. It is saving my rug. This is very compact and does not shed every time she gets on it like some scratchier. We love it."
— Shirley W.

"My cat, Moo, has one of these Catpods. We've had it for many months now, and we can certainly vouch for how long they last. It's his favorite thing in the world -- he runs over to it and scratches away as soon as I get home every day; I think it's his way of saying "hi" to me. And, so far, you can hardly tell he's even used it. It's amazing."
— Dorian W., Catster

"My cats love their speed bumps, they're going to fight over xl one!"
— Elsy S.

"Just what my cats needed!"
— Luisa F.

“Our two kitty-girls are having a great time with these! They came quickly so the fun could begin!”
— Donna P.

"A Catpod is a piece of kitty furniture that makes old cats act like kittens and makes kittens turn into whirling balls of crazy. Seriously, I don't think my cats have had this much fun in awhile."
— Brandi L.

"The kitty pucks just arrived today and my five fur babies went nuts! They're wonderful! Thank you!"
— Shannon. S.

"Fantastic! Our kitties love it!"
— Retagene H.

"Both kitties are now using it, they have both rubbed all over it. And Tiny was perched on it last night. They love it!!"
— Elizabeth A.

"He loves it, absolutely loves it. He lays on it, plays on it, rubs his face on it, and my favorite is the "sprawl", where he's half on, half off, legs draped over the side. Even my fussy female cat, Missy, has given it her approval. A definite "Two Paws Up"!!!!!! Thank you so much for enriching their lives."
— Judi N.

"Thanks so much! My 10 babies are already enjoying the speed bumps and pucks I ordered last month....cannot WAIT to see them fight over the CatPod!!!!! I may have to end up ordering half a dozen!.. Thanks for making such a great, durable, eco-friendly and fun product!"
— Bari H.

"Jasper continues to be the Speed Bump king. He loves these things."
— Laura L.

"We have one and our polydactyl kitty LOVES it!"
— Mary B.

"I have big kitties, so I put two [Kitty Speed Bumps] together (end to end) and they have full range to scratch; they love them!"
— Gaby S.

"Clever way to recycle. Our six mos. old kitten LOVES them - tears through the house carrying one in his mouth."
— Michelle H.

"Thanks again, on behalf of Rescue House. When I opened the box to look at it, my cats (I have four) immediately tried to get in the box with it, and when I shooed them away and closed the box again, they started opening it to get back at where I had to finally seal it up with tape again. Based on their responses, I'll probably have to bid on it at the silent auction!
— Sarah L., The Rescue House

"Just wanted to let you know that the Catpod, Speed Bumps and Pucks arrived yesterday. Izzy, my cat, and I are thrilled with them and I’m sure they will provide many hours of fun for her. Thank you for all your time and patience during the purchase process."
— Vanessa M., Australia

"Bon Scott loves the Catpod you sent him and his friends at Angels For Animals. They all say thank you, they love it!"
— Becky H., Angels For Animals

"Catpods ruuuuule! Ours has survived 3 psycho kitties for over 2 years now."
— Ali P.

"You have made a bunch of rescue cats very very happy"
— Lee C., Nick of Time Rescue

"I shared this with not only my own cats, but a friends as well. They all love them great idea. Hockey puck in cardboard."
— Lisa L.

"The Catpod is a hit. I have 4 cats and the girls like to just go in there and sit in the tunnel. Thanks for a quality product!"
— Suzette U.

"My poly-dactyl twin tabby girls love the puzzle pod! They get their big paw in and dig a toy right out! Thank you for making such a great product!"
— Ginger H.

"The speed bump is awesome, looks very durable and the kitties are having fun with it!"
— Robin S.

"My kitty loves his [Cat]pod, thank you so much."
— Holly D.

"My kitties love their Speed Bumps!"
— Carol S.

"They love it! They've been scratching it and taking turns sleeping in it. Two paws up!"
— Ann G., GreatPaws Dog Training

"Socks loves to use [Kitty Speed Bumps] as a pillow and to scratch his chin. He has adult acne under his chin and he loves to have his chin scratched. Now he has found a way to do the scratching himself."
— Alasandra A.

"We got our speedbump today, thank you so much! He's lovin' on it!"
— Rachael B.

"darling little toys. I couldn't stop my cat from playing with them!"
— Melissa S.

"The kitties will FOR SURE love them. I used catnip spray on the Speed Bump and they just flock to it."
— Katie B.

"The [Catpod] has held up very well, I use it at our animal hospital for the clinic cats and they love it!"
— Diane Schrager, Atlantic Animal Clinic

"Our cats love the Original Catpod and I will say that sucker is really well built!!"
— Alana M., Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

"Our Catpod is still in great shape after almost a year of pretty rough treatment from our two cats. So I don't need a replacement for mine, but I am getting one for the in-laws. More cats need Catpods!"
— Brandi L.

"I got my Puzzle Lounger today, and after they were done messing with the box they had a great time sticking their arms into the holes! We shoved toys inside for them and had a great time watching the show!"
— Jennifer S.

"I just wanted to say that this is the first scratcher that my big boy Ciaran hasn't ripped apart... as a joke my husband stood on it, and our speed bump is still in one piece, despite daily abuse from two very scratchy kitties."
— Katie B.

"That is one heavy duty scratcher!! Will take the cats some time to tear it apart."
— Alana M., Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

"How lucky am I.....I know some kitties who are going to have a great time with their new CatPod....I already have the Speed Bumps and Pucks toys that I ordered for them and they love them all! Thanks, CatPods!"
— Bari H., Happy Cat Week Winner

"Stasia loves her Cat Pod! Typically Stasia has more fun with boxes, so we thought that she would gravitate to the box that it was delivered in LOL. However she went straight to her Catpod, didn't even care about the box! She is a happy camper and so are we."
— Xochitl G.

"Allegra and Ruby give this innovative product four paws up. They’ve played with it or used it as a scratcher every day since I put it up. Even though they have plenty of other scratchers, this one seems to have become the “go to” scratcher for them."
— Ingrid King, Conscious Cat

"my senior cat just loves these kitty pucks! shipped very quickly. thank you!"
— Jennifer D.

"Our kitty cat "Pearl" LOVES her new cat pod & kitty speed bumps!!! I tried to get some pictures of her, but they are blurry because she was so excited & wiggly!"
— Emily S.

"Just wanted to let you know that our cats, Zack & Zoey, LOVE their new Catpod! They are going to have lots of fun with it. Thanks for coming up with a wonderful product and design. Great how you had it all packaged. Enjoy being able to buy products made in the U.S.A. for them."
— Judy M.

"I don't know how long ago I bought my speed bump (2-5 months ago)... but my cat has yet to destroy it. He rips apart every other scratcher we get in 2-5 weeks. This is holding strong and the pucks are still being chased around the house!"
— Katie B.

"Our catpod still looks like new even after almost a year of pretty rough enjoyment of it by our kitties. It is definitely furniture, not just a scratch pad."
— Brandi L.

"THANK YOU FOR A TERRIFIC PRODUCT... Seriously, my cats love their catpod stuff and now my daughter's cat will find out what all the fuss is about!"
— Susan H.

"My cat, Moo, is absolutely in love with it. It's the first thing he visits to scratch whenever I get home (he runs over there every time!) and he loves to rest in it." — Dorian W., Catster

"Our 3 crazy kitties LOVE their Catpods! (We love it, too- it keeps them from clawing furniture!) Suki, Aiko, and Mr. Chin have been sleeping and playing on their Catpods pretty constantly since they got it over a year ago- and it's still holding strong after all the battles and claw sharpenings! Every home with a cat should definitely have Catpods!!!"
— The Penningtons

"The cats love this - they spend half the day either scratching or laying inside it. While other products like this fall apart after a few weeks, mine is holding up very well, especially being used by seven cats!"
— Pat S.

"I got these for my furgrandbabies. They love them!! I skyped with my daughter and watched them attack the Kitty Pucks and just have a ball with them. Thank you for such a great product!!"
— Kristy C.

"Fast! Happy repeat customer! The cats are ecstatic."
— Jamie S.

"my cats LOVE these!!!! they picked them up and threw them and then hugged them and even drooled all over my floor because of them hahaha! thanks for the awesome product!"
— Sinthea and Justin, KnitLaughWine

"These are the best cat scratchers ever! My kitties run through them, sleep on top of them and inside. They haven't stopped playing since I received them. Great product and super fun cat toy!"
— Susan C.

"My girls typically lose interest in a new toy within a day or so. It's been more than a few days, and they're both still carrying their kitty pucks around with them from room to room. Best cat toy ever! Thank you so much for that! :)"
— Katy N.

"I will definitely be ordering more of these unique pods. My kitties are ecstatic!"
— Susan C.

"That's Fyn. He and his brother LOVE your cat house and scratcher. They have played in and on them everyday since they arrived. Thanks again!"
— Tobi S.

"just as presented on line........very sturdy.....cats were super curious about it.....super fast shipping, packaging high quality very happy with purchase."
— Carole M.

"My two cats went bonkers for these things. The construction is well done. They have been played with by two young, energetic cats. So far, no wear and tear, despite being heavily batted around and gnawed on. Five stars from two very happy fur-babies. :)"
— Katy N.

“I'm finding pucks everywhere! A great toy for my guys.”
— Alison W.

"Great! Oreo loves it and had a brief argument with Smokey over who gets to scratch on it."
— Janet C.

"my cats are LOVING batting these around the house. great eco-friendly cat toy. thank you!"
— Katia S.

"The cats love the speed bump. It's great for my smallest kitty yet my big boy uses it too. Thanks for great products."
— Marsha C.

"My male cat has taken over the two kitty speed bumps, he like to lay on them."
— Beverly M.

"My two young cats love this scratcher--for both playing hide-and-seek and for scratching. Well made, and (so far) very durable."
— Kay L.

"Watching my kittens play in the catpod is too funny! Very durable cardboard - I think they'll be able to enjoy it for a long time :)"
— Katie H.

"Cats investigated the box before I even got it open. All three of our cats have been in, on top of, or playing with someone already in the cat pod, at one time or another and it just arrived today! Needless to say it's a household hit!"
— Diane H.

"Snaggles love his new hiding place, he does fit in it (he's 11 lbs) and he really enjoys using it as a tunnel, placement is key for him so he can run through it or hang out. a great buy for kitties who like to hide and scratch too, very stable for scratching because of the size"
— Carolyn K.

"Just wanted u to know that I purchased the kitty speed bump and my 3 cats love it. I've purchased many items to deter them from scratching furniture and door molding but to no avail. This is a miracle product!"
— Debbie W.

"My 7 cats and my 7 rats LOVE these. They always split any toys I buy..... I don't know which love them more. They've lasted too, which says a lot, considering the amount of critters I have. Thanks so much."
— AJ E.

"I wish the cats spoke English and could type to tell you how awesome this is. I have 4 cats and 2 of them play one inside belly up, head and butt sticking out either end and one on top of it, batting through the portholes. It's heavy enough that my 17-pounder can scratch and it doesn't run away from him. It gives me no end of joy to watch them having such a happy blast playing with it. AND THE PUCKS ARE AWESOME! We rate toys by how often we have to dig them out from under the couch. The more the better. I just sit on the floor sometimes because it just save me time. Our 12-year old cat cries when he loses it. Just wonderfully amazing. I think we'll need three more."
— Terri B.

"such an upgrade from the pet shop scratchers! My cat luvs it"
— Jacquelyn S.

"Great product that my cat enjoyed. Would buy again from seller. Five star transaction. Thank-you!"
— Anne P.

"What a fun toy for kitties. Mine were at the package when it arrived waiting anxiously for me to open the little bags. What a great gift for the cat lover on your Christmas list. I highly recommend this seller."
— Nan S.

"Adorable! Really well made. Shipped quickly too. Thanks!"
— Loree S.

"My cats and kittens LOVE their Christmas present!! This is the best cat toy, hands down. The quality is outstanding, anything that can survive our crew of 13 rescue cats and kittens has got to be made well! I'm so happy I found their shop, my order shipped out super fast and was packaged perfectly, everything arrived intact and perfect condition. I didn't get the box completely open before our cats started diving in! The speed bumps are awesome, and the one cat is always in the catpod while another patiently lounges on top of it awaiting a turn to chill in it. They love it, and it's keeping them from scratching our couch! Always a plus! Thank you for making such a great product!"
— Maria V.

"FANTASTIC product!!! Our cats love Catpod products. This specific is so much fun. It is big enough for our cats to get into and hide from each other. They get on top and stick their paws through the holes. Of course, the bumps are perfect for scratching, as is the whole tunnel. I highly recommend these products."
— Nan S.

"I love these cat tunnels and so does my cat, it's the one item he used immediately without any encouragement though catnip wouldn't hurt. I got this set for shelter where I volunteer ( The cats went nuts right away & the shelter staff wanted one for their own cats. Great to sit on, in and the port holes are perfect for a game of Kitty Wack A Mole"
— Carolyn K.

"Exceptionally made! My cats love it! I encouraged their appeal by sprinkling a little cat nip inside. They go crazy for this now. Wonderful little cozy hide out, and terrific for scratching on and rubbing their cheeks against. The seller shipped the item promptly and was great to work with!"
— Jennifer W.

"The cats loved this. Had to buy a second one when one cat moved out with it."
— Andrew S.

"our cats love them! great kitty stocking stuffer. :) thank you!"
— Shanna T.

"Delivered quickly. Great scratcher and quite sturdy."
— Anna G.

"I bought these as a special treat for my boy, Gordon, after my other cat passed away a few weeks ago. He has been mopey, but these cheered him right up and he played for hours. He's played very hard with the one I gave him and it's still alive, which I can't even say for the high end store bought toys I bought him. This is an exemplary product and I will totally purchase more!"
— Jamie M.

"Fantastic. Our two Burmese cats love them. We don't have to worry when they chew the cardboard!"
— Emily R.

"My friend's kitties had a blast. We joked that one would need an intervention after prolonged craziness due to her sheer delight. She's not a cat who likes many toys, either, so it's always great when we find something that she loves. Big paws up from Miss Bella Catface!"
— Jamie M.

"My Cats love it. It is stronger than the typical cardboard scratched which is very nice because it will last a long time."
— Torrey C.

"Shipped really fast and are cute! I ordered without catnip because my Bunny loves cardboard and these are perfect size for her since she is a mini and is only 3 pounds. Loved it!"
— Dennis & Carlie S.

"Fast shipping. So far half of the kitties have tried the speed bump with out catnip. Its so funny they know what to do right away. Getting more catnip this weekend. These seem sturdy and like they will last a long time."
— Sarah P.

"Exactly what I expected and arrived very quickly. My cat loves it."
— Shelly

"Shipped very fast! I gave these to my 2 cats inside and the feral cats I take care of outside, they all really like them. Good size and they even roll nicely when turned on the side. I recommend this product."
— Kaili S.

"Our cat Leroy loves these things!"
— Robert H.

"This are so awesome! All 5 of my cats love them! I was a little concerned with price, but these are so sturdy they are well worth it and will pay for themselves in no time. Great product and fast shipping."
— Cindy W.

"The cats are SO EXCITED! Thank you very much! They even like the box to play in. I am showing it to all my cat loving friends. What a unique, GREEN invention. I am impressed with your idea. Thank you for continuous fun for my kitties. You have made us very happy."
— Donna R.

"I have 8 cats & they're going bananas for these. I've never seen them take to a toy so quickly. Love it!"
— Stacy O.

"My cats love, love scratching their nails and stretching on the Pod. What surprised me is that they love going through the tunnel too, I thought they had outgrown that with their old scratcher but this makes them love it again!"
— Leslie W.

"Cats go nuts for these. I saved them & throw one out when I need some "adult" time, like when I'd like to cook w/o their help."
— Leslie W.

"Fun scratcher tunnel that will get lots of use. Excellent quality and nicely sized. Shipped promptly and securely."
— Karen Z.

"Clever use of cardboard. Stewie loves these pucks. Appreciate that they already came infused with catnip. Great service and nice shop to purchase from, thanks."
— Karen Z.

"cats loved it big time" .. "Not sure where these are now, but before they disappeared, much fun was had."
— Karen S.