About Us

Green Cat Industries is a family operated feline furniture design studio based in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

Our focus is to bring the feline aesthetic into a realm of human made cat furniture. We believe cats should be allowed to be cats. Our company is dedicated to producing eco-friendly, highly durable, designer feline furniture that is also affordable. Finally, something your cat's claws and your wallet can both agree on.

Our main goal is simple.. Happy Cats!

Catpods have been featured in Cat Fancy Magazine, Modern Cat Magazine, on the Hauspanther blog, and many many more!

Traditional cardboard scratchers get shredded and fall apart far too quickly, which means they need frequent replacement (especially with multiple cats.) We wanted to create something sturdy, something they could really sink their claws into and claim as their own. It needed to stay put for kitty to do their thing, and also to hold up to everyday scratching. All Catpods products are made with quality in mind and will last for years.

We care about the health of your kitty and the Earth. All Catpods are handcrafted with non-toxic adhesives, and are 100% recyclable. We also utilize recycled packaging materials whenever possible.